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10.Mai 2017 – Lefdal Mine Datacenter is hereby declared OPEN!
We thank everyone for attending the ceremony Wednesday and the more than 5.000 people who so far have watched the webcast.

The opening video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqvhlAR8D7k

You can watch it here: http://webtv.hegnar.no/presentation.php?webcastId=52831446

Television coverage: https://tv.nrk.no/serie/kveldsnytt/NNFA23051017/10-05-2017…

Rittal – Standard Modules
Rittal has developed specially designed “Standard Modules” as a housing solution tailor-made for Lefdal Mine Datacenter. The modules consists of server racks, raised floor, LCP’s, PDR racks and network racks. It fits either into IT containers, dedicated data halls or in security rooms. The modules are available in different sizes – 6 to 12 server racks – with densities from 5 to 30 kW/rack. They can be adapted in N+1 or N+N environments. Standardization ensures high quality, lower price and short delivery time. Time to market is 10-12 weeks from purchase order.