Crypto-Assets Custody

With cryptocurrency trading volumes and asset tokenization increasing, the capital market has shown a booming appetite for integrating crypto-assets into the wealth management portfolio in a comprehensive and seamless manner.

Crypto-assets rely on digital keys to prove ownership and authorize transfers. Keeping these keys secure is essential to guaranteeing the integrity of the funds: if lost or stolen, so is the asset. To address this concern, technology providers have explored software and hardware mechanisms to secure safe custody.

Our hot and cold crypto-asset custody infrastructure solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of financial institutions: functionality, security, integration and reliability. It enables custodians to seamlessly integrate crypto-assets into the business operations in an exceptionally secure, reliable and scalable manner.

Product features:

  • hardware-enforced protocols including multi-signature and loss limitation policies protect all transactions from mistakes and attacks
  • flexible configuration supports fully automated and manually-operated
  • cryptographically secure random number generator ensures the highest level of entropy for master keys
  • encrypted, offline back-up of master keys guarantees total resilience to disasters
  • multi-data center capability prevents downtime in case of disaster